Studio legale Castoro - Pagani

Riccardo Pagani
Via Francesco Sforza, 15
20122 Milan
Telephone: +39 02-76388700 / +39 02-5457939
Fax: +39 02-5457945

Riccardo Pagani graduated in law at Università Statale in Milan in June 1990. He passed his bar examination and, for a brief but significant period, worked abroad. He then joined a leading law firm in the city, specialized in civil and commercial law.

In 2000, he founded his own firm in Milan focusing on agency fees.
Attending many specialized courses in this field, he developed in-depth experience in both judicial and extra judicial law.

Since 1990, he has worked with Assomoda Italia and Moda&Sport (formerly Assomoda Lombardia): both associations representing agents, representatives and showrooms in the fashion and sport sector. They are managed by commercial intermediaries active in the field of fashion and sport and Mr. Pagani has become their trusted lawyer.

In 2008, he was one of the founders of Assotemporary, an innovative association for temporary commercial services, again becoming the reference legal figure.

Riccardo Pagani has spoken at many conferences and seminars for commercial intermediaries and retailers working in fashion and he has also collaborated with a large number of international law firms. With several of these he has analysed different areas of law, such as retailing and management of related litigation.

For years now, he has been a consultant for important companies and professionals, including primary companies and even multinationals and professionals working in Italy and internationally, thanks to his experience in sectors pertinent to business contracts, extrajudicial aspects and civil litigation.

In 2013, he formed the CLF Network together with other professionals (established lawyers and accountants). The aim was to create a network of consultants able to promptly and efficiently meet their clients’ needs.
It provides a complete assistance and consultancy service in terms of both legal and tax aspects.

Studio legale Castoro - Pagani
Studio legale Castoro - Pagani
Studio legale Castoro - Pagani