• Conservatorio 22, il palazzo.

  • Conservatorio 22, il palazzo.

  • Conservatorio 22, ingresso

  • Conservatorio 22, reception.

  • Conservatorio 22, ufficio multiplo.

  • Conservatorio 22, ufficio base.

  • Conservatorio 22, ufficio direzionale.

  • Conservatorio 22, sala riunioni Garden.

  • Conservatorio 22, sala executive.

The Conservatorio22 Business Centre was founded over 30 years ago, anticipating the need for flexibility of a dynamic, continually changing market. It immediately became an exclusive point of reference for those professionals, entrepreneurs and companies who had chosen Milan as the city for doing business, even only occasionally, in an absolutely unique setting.

The wide range of services provided meets a number of organisation and business needs and is the ideal solution for those wanting a pleasant and experiential workplace.
We deliver a huge range of services and spaces for our clients::

  • management and operational furnished offices (from 12 to 200 Mq),
  • co-working areas,
  • showrooms,
  • virtual offices,
  • forwarding service,
  • day offices/strong> and meeting rooms that can be used for the time strictly necessary.

Our services Services

The 50 Furnished Offices owned by the Conservatorio22 Business Centre, ranging from 15 to 200 m², are fully equipped, with elegant, functional furnishings, ready to be immediately operational for the time required…

The different sized meeting rooms at the Conservatorio22 Business Centre have a seating capacity ranging from 6 to 20 for business meetings, conferences, interviews and training courses. They can be booked for just a few hours…

Conservatorio22 Business Centre, Unità medica
Unità medica

Il Centro ideale per chi necessita di uno Studio Medico, nel cuore di Milano, dove ricevere occasionalmente i propri pazienti o avviare un’attività nel campo del benessere psico-fisico in pochissimo tempo. L’Unità Medica Conservatorio22 offre studi arredati ed attrezzati, autorizzati ASL …

The Conservatorio22 Business Centre offers its clients a multilingual, professional reception and centralised secretarial service. Use of our prestigious business address (not as a registered office)…

Why choose us?

1. Experience

Thanks to the over 30 years’ experience, we have come up with different solutions, ideal for meeting the widest range of specific operational requirements.

2. Flexibility and customisation

Our distinguishing features are tailor-made services and total flexibility. Renewable monthly contracts are just one example as they allow clients short or long rentals without the commitment of a lease.

At Conservatorio22 Business Centre we establish an exclusive, personal yet professional relationship with all our clients, guaranteeing:

  • No fixed management fee;
  • No cost linked to human resource management: our staff becomes yours;
  • Great flexibility;
  • Highly qualified personnel;
  • Reception service for welcoming your clients;
  • Multilingual secretarial staff;
  • Technologically state of the art facilities and services;
  • In-house IT assistance
3. Professionalism

For over 30 years, the aim of the Conservatorio22 Business Centre has been to relieve our clients of all those aspects linked to non-productive activities for their business, attempting to satisfy and, often, anticipate any need thanks to a qualified, multilingual, highly professional staff.