Why choose us

Thanks to the over 30 years’ experience, we have come up with different solutions, ideal for meeting the widest range of specific operational requirements.

All our services meet the needs of those wanting a welcoming, flexible office that also offers a chance to network with other companies, socialise, receive clients or of those looking for an elegant, professional location to hold business encounters and important meetings.

In particular, we serve:

  • freelancers
  • businessmen travelling for work and consultants
  • start-ups
  • national and international companies
Conservatorio22 Business Centre, our clients
Our clients
Conservatorio22 Business Centre, the building
Conservatorio22 Business Centre, the building

About us

The Conservatorio22 Business Centre was founded over 30 years ago, anticipating the need for flexibility of a dynamic, continually changing market. It immediately became an exclusive point of reference for those professionals, entrepreneurs and companies who had chosen Milan as the city for doing business, even only occasionally, in an absolutely unique setting.

The wide range of services provided meets a number of organisation and business needs and is the ideal solution for those wanting a pleasant and experiential workplace.